Hollow Jack'd

Lettering & Production
Lettering and adaptation of key art for 2 Towns Ciderhouse's 2019 Limited Release of Hollow Jack'd.

Every year when spooky season creeps in, 2 Towns Ciderhouse unleashes Hollow Jack’d from the cellar. Each Limited Release of Hollow Jack’d has a twist making the fan favorite pumpkin cider mischievously unique year-to-year. The label art and content for Hollow Jack’d mirrors this yearly change too. 2019’s Hollow Jack’d was a particularly fun one to work on. I lettered the cider name and adapted the key art across many deliverables on different mediums and platforms. The above image features the back of the Sales Sheet which doubles as a small poster.

Sales Sheet Front, 8.5"x11"
Sales Sheet Back, 8.5"x11"

Sales Sheet back being used at a 2 Towns tasting event.
Poster, 24"x36"
Pennant hung in grocery stores, 36"x59"
Carousel Background for the 2 Towns homepage
Coloring Sheet, 8.5"x11"

Coloring sheets were made freely available at tasting events, bars, and tap rooms.

Some additional deliverables that I created which aren’t featured here are: online store images, a keg collar, tap handle sticker, and Untappd cider image.


This was my first lettering project and I was pressed for time, so I began by finding fonts that were spooky, decorative, and reminiscent of Tim Burton’s aesthetic. The one I particularly liked from Google Fonts was Griffy. However, it only came in one weight which was too thin for what I had in mind.

I typed out HOLLOW JACK’D in Griffy and printed it out. Then I used tracing paper to re-draw it at a heavier weight while following a lettering resource on how to properly increase a typeface’s weight. Redrawing with tracing paper helped me quickly explore alterations to the letters too.

Once satisfied with the initial drawing, I scanned the drawings into Illustrator and traced once more with the pen tool. After each letter was vectorized and refined I arranged the final base of the mark.

The next step was to add texture. The easiest way for me to explore many different options was by printing out the base lettering and drawing texture on top with tracing paper. I then vectorized those and placed them on top in a transparent gradient.

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