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Brand identity design for a women's fashion concept.

Lemons is a conceptual women's fashion company seeking to revolutionize how women find the right fit. Current clothing companies base their sizing on the "average" person's waist size and then matches an assumed chest size to it. This method has helped streamline production and cut manufacturing costs for clothing companies. However, many women are left without the ability to wear certain styles because their chest doesn't match the fashion industry's prescribed fit. Lemons serves women on the principle of finding the right fit in the chest first, and then going from there. Women will be able to love their lemons through our exclusive sizing system that increases their breadth of style options.

The target audience is women 18-38 years old who are young professionals or just starting their career. They are contemporary women who care about body positivity and inclusivity. They want to be fashionable; to wear any style they want, to be bold, bright, fun, and empowered to be their best self. Millennial women are a strong and growing market because they represent 13% of the US population, 80% of whom are working full-time jobs. Their spending power is estimated at $170 billion a year and is only projected to grow as millennial women continue in their careers.

In the market of women's fashion, there are few businesses that specifically target the issues that Lemons addresses. Even fewer aim to communicate with our target audience or fail to do so effectively. There are custom tailored clothing companies such as Sumissura, but the style options are limited to strictly office attire and marketed towards an older demographic. The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens specializes even further by focusing on just button-downs but doesn't cater to different body types. The closest competitor is Exclusively Kristen because they offer a larger variety in styles, but they only cater to larger chested women. Exclusively Kristen is also a small business, which lacks the benefit of a fully flushed out identity and sharp presentation.

Lemons will distinguish itself from the competition by utilizing an empowering, playful, and smart language. Our voice is well characterized by our name and the tagline, "Love your lemons." This sense of identity will enable the brand to ingratiate itself into the life of the consumer. We don't want to be a clothing brand that's an option for our clients, but to be the natural choice that they don't even have to think about.

Signature Mark Variations

Vertical Mark

Lemondrop candies are given out for free with each purchase.


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